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Spreading awareness about Governments Promotional Schemes.

Making India World’s Manufacturing & Sourcing Hub.

Making Entrepreneurial India.

Transforming Job Seekers to Job Creators.

Educating, Skilling, Promoting & Empowering Youth, MSMEs, Start-Ups, Women, SC/ST/OBC & Dalits.

Creating Agripreneurs for Rural Transformation.

Connecting Small with Large Domestic & International Market.

To Be India’s Leading MSME Advocacy Forum.

Integrating Progressive India for Digitalization.


Enabling Global Economic Growth through SME Partnership.


Connecting Global SMEs for Mutual Business Promotion.


Explore emerging markets and o create a strong platform for key decision makers, business leaders and multilateral global funding agencies to address issues common to SMEs and identify cross-border partnership opportunities.


To create a platform for various countries to showcase their business and technological strength to forge a Global partnership.


Identify new imports and exports destination/opportunities.

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